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A Few Words About Us

The Meenakshi Resorts



The Meenakshi Resorts is a heaven on earth en-route to the mystic town of Bangalore that offers facilities found only at exclusive resorts in Bangalore with 10 acres!.

Welcome to The The Meenakshi Resorts, inspired by nature in & around, we indulge you with flavours of comfort that make your stay an unforgettable one and as authentic as it can get. We at the The Meenakshi Resorts are inspired by each of the destinations chosen for our properties. We have experienced the indigenous characteristics of each place and the unique lessons that they have to offer. We have designed our resorts in such a way that our guests can get the most out of their luxury experiences with us, and make fond memories which will last a lifetime.



We at The The Meenakshi Resorts and Barefoot Resorts believe that each of our property destinations are lands of immense inspirational value. Our vision is for each of us to imbibe in our guests the same sense of inspiration by giving them a complete experience, and sharing all the bliss which our land has to offer. Last but not least, we strive to make our guests become destination endorsers themselves.


We will, through all that we do, all that we say, and all that we deliver, strive to create wonderful memories for our guests. We believe that we are the best storytellers of the destination as we are deeply inspired by our surroundings. We shall respect it, conserve it and do everything possible to preserve it. We shall serve one and all as though they were visitors to our home. We will tell our stories in different ways for our guests to hear, cherish and remember us and our services.